Festive graduation ceremony NVC Packaging Professional 2018

03 July 2018

On Tuesday 26 June 2018 the graduation ceremony took place of the diplomas NVC Packaging Professional I and II for those students who successfully completed the exams in the past 6 months. 22 business students are now also qualified NVC Packaging Professional I with their names added to the Register of NVC Packaging Professionals, bringing the total number to 650.
In terms of the European Qualifications Framework for Life Long Learning EQF the diplomas are valued at level EQF5 and EQF6, respectively. The examination is managed by an independent foundation: the NVC Packaging Exam Authority, which is supervised by the Netherlands Business Exam Authority (Press Release NVC, 26 June 2018).
Click here for the press release.
Click here for the video impression of the graduation ceremony.
On 26 September a new group of the NVC Course Programme in Packaging I will start.
The NVC Course Programme in Packaging II will start again on 19 September 2018.
Click here for more information about the information meeting about the NVC Packaging Professional I on 11 July 2018.

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