Staff at the association office


Michael Nieuwesteeg
Managing Director

"NVC is a globally unique association where more than 500 companies cooperate for the benefit of both their own future and that of the activity of packaging in general. It is a great pleasure for me as NVC director to assist your company and its employees to achieve your individual and collective goals in this field."


Fadoua Caouch

"Your first contact with our association is with Marina or me; we will be pleased to help you! If you have an appointment with one of my colleagues or you are following one of our courses, I will cheerfully receive you and guide you. You are also welcome to call us with any questions and I will connect you with the right person at our office!"

  Helen Crowe
Manager Information Services

"If you have any questions about packaging and are looking for reliable answers, you are welcome to contact me. In our experience it is seldom the case that NVC cannot be of help. I am also responsible for the NVC Members-only Update and our other information services."

  Carine Courtin
Market Communication France

"Responsible for the commercialisation of services offered by NVC and in charge of the French market for this, I meet managers with packaging and/or human resources responsibilities to promote our activities for improving the packaging knowledge of their employees. You can find a large choice of (no-travel, live tutor) trainings in many different aspects of packaging. Fluent in French, English and Dutch, don't hesitate to contact me!"

  Oscar Faber
Manager Education and Training

"Would you like to know anything about the opportunities of the NVC packaging course programmes, courses and workshops for your organisation and your employees? Or do you want to know more about tailor made (in-company) packaging trainings for your company or department? Please contact me."

  Marian den Hertog
Financial and Personnel Administration

"As financial officer I am responsible for the processing of all the financial data of the association. If you have any financial questions, please contact me. I am also responsible for the personnel administration of the association."

  Irma Walstra
Project Assistant and Planner Education and Training

"I’m responsible for the education planning and the registrations for our course programmes, courses and workshops. If you have any questions about dates, locations, registrations and/or tutors, please contact me."


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