Fighting the skills shortage in packaging: 22 new NVC Packaging Professional graduates

26 June 2018

On Tuesday 26 June 2018, the graduation ceremony for NVC Packaging Professionals took place in Gouda, hometown of the NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre. Twenty-two (22) business students passed the exam and can now be referred to as NVC Packaging Professional. NVC Packaging Professionals provide an essential contribution to the development of packaging worldwide, both in the business sector and in government bodies and research institutes. The new graduates are included in the Register NVC Packaging Professionals, which now holds 650 names.

The examination is managed by the independent Stichting NVC Examens under the supervision of the Netherlands Business Exam Authority (Stichting Examenkamer). The Diplomas are internationally characterised in terms of the European Qualifications Framework for Life Long Learning EQF with EQF5 and EQF6 levels.

The EQF is a common European reference framework used to compare professional qualifications within Europe. The eight European reference levels (EQF1-8) are defined on the basis of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. The desired learning results are derived from the various (packaging) job descriptions.

On the basis of the EQF characteristics, internationally operating companies (retailers, manufacturers, suppliers of packaging, etc.) know better which packaging professionals have the desired level. This helps to attract and retain qualified personnel. Packaging professionals increase their employability in the internationalising and flexibilising labor market as they can refer to the independent examination and the EQF level of their resulting diploma.

The following company students obtained the diploma NVC Packaging Professional I:
Pieter-Jan Bogerd, Royal Bel Leerdammer B.V.; Maarten van der Borght, Bangma Verpakking B.V.; Elwin Brouwers, Koninklijke ERU; Riny Bruijs, Graphic Packaging International; Arjan Deij, Budelpack Poortvliet B.V.; Toine Engelen, Vrijdag Premium Printing BV; Rutger Fransen, Clondalkin Flexible Packaging, LPF Grootegast; Sofie van der Geest, Koninklijke Peijnenburg BV; Gerrit van Gils, VMI Holland BV; Petra Hartman, FrieslandCampina Kievit B.V.; Ton Kleiweg, Menken Orlando BV; Ruud Koens, Izico Nederland BV; Jochem Kuipers, Koninklijke Fruitmastersgroep; Sanne van Leeuwen, Van der Windt Verpakking BV; Jan-Joris Mertens, Neways Cable & Wire Solutions; Stefan Rutschmann, Ecolab Deutschland GMBH; Karmen Tsui, The Candy Store - Chocolate Factory; Jaap Verheus, WILD Juice B.V.; Paul Verstappen, Verstappen Verpakkingen B.V.; Ron Visser, Hordijk Verpakkingsindustrie BV; Henko van Voorthuizen, B.V., Vurense Snackindustrie and Orhan de Wilde, Abbott Biologicals B.V.

On 26 September 2018, a new group of NVC Course Programme in Packaging I will start. The NVC Course Programme in Packaging II will start again on 19 September 2018. The exams take place twice a year, usually in January and in April.

More information
For more information, contact Oscar Faber, or +31-(0) 182-512411.
The high-resolution photo of the graduates group can be obtained via