Wasted food means wasted nutrients

29 May 2017

About 1/3 of food in the USA, containing 1,300 kcal per capita per day, is wasted before it reaches consumers. A new scientific paper (Wasted Food, Wasted Nutrients: Nutrient Loss from Wasted Food in the United States and Comparison to Gaps in Dietary Intake) calculates the loss of nutrients in the year 2012: 1,217 kcal, 33g protein, 5.9g dietary fiber, 1.7mg vitamin D, 286mg calcium, and 880mg potassium per capita per day.
Many nutrients that are currently consumed below recommended levels are wasted in substantial amounts. The authors suggest to recommend to consume fruits and vegetables as frozen and canned foods (News Item Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 15 May 2017).
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