State Secretary receives plans for sustainable Netherlands

25 January 2018

The State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management has received the plans for a sustainable, circular economy in the Netherlands in 2050. The 5 agendas are the continuation of the National Raw Materials Agreement.
The plans concern the sectors Biomass & Food, Construction Industry, Consumer Goods, Plastics, and Manufacturing Industry. The agenda for Consumer Goods covers both products with a short life cycle, like packaging and disposables, and products with a longer life cycle. According to the Plastics agenda, in over 30 years all products will be circular. They will be made from renewable plastics of a guaranteed quality (News Item Government of the Netherlands, 15 January 2018).
Click here for the news item (in Dutch).
Click here for the agenda Consumer Goods (in Dutch, 1.8 MB).
Click here for the agenda Plastics (in Dutch, 2.24 MB).
Click here for the agenda Biomass and Food (in Dutch, 1.8 MB).
Click here for the other 2 agenda’s (in Dutch).
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