NL: Forecasted turnover ecommerce market for 2018 €25 billion

01 May 2018

The B2C ecommerce market in The Netherlands was around €22.50 billion in 2017, pushed along by a growth rate of 13%, reports the Ecommerce Foundation. This is set to rise in 2018, with forecasted turnover of just below €25 billion and a growth rate of 10.87%.
The amount e-shoppers are willing to spend has increased substantially in the last year to now over €1,500 per shopper, illustrating the growth potential in the Dutch ecommerce space. Key success elements for e-tailers and their suppliers alike are trustworthiness (both of the products sold and the way consumer data are handled) and easy-to-pay solutions (notably the IDEAL-system) (Press Release Ecommerce Foundation, 27 March 2018).
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