NL NOS: More plastic collected but it is getting dirtier

04 July 2017

On 26 June 2017 the Dutch Broadcast Foundation (NOS) broadcasted an item during the 8 o’clock news about the collection of plastic packaging. The amount of plastic that is collected in the Netherlands is increasing. However according to various representatives of the waste sector something needs to change. The plastic that is recovered is becoming less and less easy to reuse.
"The quality is decreasing, which makes it harder and harder to actually recycle the material", researchers write in a report commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat. According to the report this causes the costs to rise. In 2015 there was a shortage of 120 million, "and without a policy change this will grow in the coming years".
Click here for an NOS article about the item (in Dutch).
Click here for a video of the NOS news (in Dutch, start at 8 minutes).
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