Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour - November 2018

05 December 2018

Packaging market and consumer satisfaction
In the summary of a new study, Smithers Pira outlines four key retailer and brand owner factors that are impacting the packaging market: e-commerce, brand identities, on-the-go convenience and social media.
WestRock has published its annual study of the impact of packaging on product satisfaction and consumer purchasing behaviour. The study finds that overall satisfaction with packaging has increased 46% between 2013-2018. You can download the study after filling in your details.

Food packaging
According to a Euromonitor report on the soft drinks industry, sustainable packaging is expected to be one of the most influential trends impacting sales in the coming year. You can download the report after filling in your details.
A new report from AMI Consulting looks at the global single serve beverage capsules industry. You can read more in the press release (769 kB).
How can the consumer be tempted to choose healthy food? In her inaugural speech at Wageningen University & Research (in Dutch), Prof. Liesbeth Zandstra outlines a path to healthy eating behaviour. Packaging also has a role to play here.
A majority of Americans say food labels influence their purchasing behaviour, according to the latest Michigan State University (MSU) Food Literacy and Engagement Poll.

Digital packaging presses and adhesives
A new PMMI report examines opportunities for the digital packaging press market within the US. You can download the executive summary after filling in your e-mail address.
FEICA has published a report (2 MB) on the European adhesive and sealant industry in 2017.

Sustainability and environment – Consumer attitudes
An independent study (2.74 MB) commissioned by Pro Carton, found that 75% EU consumers say that the environmental impact of a product’s packaging affects their purchasing decision. The research was designed to gauge consumers’ views on different packaging formats and understand their attitudes to packaging sustainability.
A recent survey (857 kB) by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) shows that more than half of the German population is concerned about microplastics in food.
A survey (1.42 MB) conducted by Cardiff University shows almost 90% of people want all packaging to be recyclable.
Nielsen compared the performance of sustainability claims in the U.S. across three product categories—chocolate, coffee, and bath products—to understand consumers’ sentiments toward various sustainability factors. You can download the report after filling in your details.

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