ILT: Observance of rules chemical substances needs to improve

19 December 2017

The Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the Inspectorate SZW report on the inspections they carried out on the observance of European rules for chemical substances, the REACH and CLP Regulations in the publication ‘Inspection of production and use of chemical substances in 2016’.
A positive trend in the observance is mainly visible in the obligation to provide information about dangerous substances. In spite of that, a large number of the SDSs contained serious mistakes and omissions. Categorisation mistakes and incorrect labelling are considered to be serious mistakes (Gevaarlijke Lading, 7 December 2017).
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Click here to download the publication ‘Toezicht op productie en gebruik van chemische stoffen in 2016’ (in Dutch, 200 kB).

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