Re-live the NVC Night at the Planetarium via VRanky’s video

04 April 2018

Are we really here?” NVC chairwoman Christel Geerts asked the audience in her welcome address at the start of the NVC Night at the Planetarium, Thursday 30 November 2017 in the Planetarium Amsterdam. ‘The Night’ featured 19 showcases on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and interactivity in packaging as well as special guest VRanky the walk-around robot, who made spectacular 360 degrees video footage of the evening.
The phenomenal evening showed how reality can be shifted in time, augmented, blended with other realities and even created from ‘virtually’ nothing. Actually, you can still ‘virtually’ visit the meeting as we have uploaded VRanky’s video to the NVC YouTube channel.
Click here for VRanky’s video.

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