Drinks dominate growing global labels market

05 June 2018

According to new Smithers Pira research, global label consumption is continuing to rise with sales set to hit $39 billion in 2018. Growth rates will continue to blossom, growing 4.0% annually over the next five years climbing to a $47.54 billion valuation in 2023. Asia is the largest market with a 47.0% share, and the fastest-growing in 2017. North America is the second largest region with a 20.0% share, followed by Western Europe with a share of 18.5%.
Alcoholic drinks is the largest end-use market, accounting for a 28.7% share in 2017. Soft drinks is the second largest end use sector accounting for 21.6%, followed by food and dairy with 15.7% (Press Release Smithers Pira, 16 May 2018).
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