BE: Quality inspection of (large) packagings and IBCs

19 December 2017

All packaging, large packaging and IBCs that are meant for the transport of dangerous goods and that are produced in Belgium need to comply with the technical requirements of the RID and annex 2 of the Belgian Royal Decree of 2 November 2017. This Annex describes the requirements that concern the internal inspections at the producer of the packaging. The internal inspections that are described cover the initial, production and final inspection and the way the results are documented. These inspections form the quality assurance programme. You can find these instructions for the quality assurance programme in memorandum TDG38-v.2017 (Website FPS Mobility and Transport, November 2017).
Click here for the information page of the FPS Mobility and Transport (in Dutch).
Click here for the Royal Decree of 2 November 2017 (in Dutch).
Click here to download “omzendnota TDG38-v.2017” (in Dutch).

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