PUMA: working together to the end of packaging as an environmental issue

The PUMA Project is the collective effort of the packaging business community to end packaging as an environmental issue worldwide. Packaging has been with mankind already since ancient times, however the 20th century has brought a dramatic acceleration. The world now packs at least 320,000 products each second, resulting in as many emptied packs later in time and at a different location. This has caused substantial environmental concerns. As packaging business community we will only keep our societal licence to operate if these concerns are properly addressed.

PUMA Plenary Meeting
PUMA participants meet once a year in the Plenary Meeting. Based on the PUMA Manifesto the global developments in packaging and environment over the past year are presented, shared and commented upon. The previous PUMA Plenary Meeting took place on 17 March 2021. Ask for the presentations here.
The next plenary project meeting will take place (Live Online) on 16 March 2022. The meeting is exclusively accessible for NVC members or on invitation by NVC.

The PUMA Manifesto
The PUMA Manifesto was published on 6 May 2020 (in English) and outlines the way forward to end packaging as an environmental issue worldwide. It includes the PUMA Model that describes the essentials of the packaging activity and the resources involved. A conceptual roadmap is presented to be applied by every individual actor and the world packaging community as a whole in a self-organising manner.
You can download the PUMA Manifesto here (1.23 MB) to pledge your support and to share it with others:
- English edition (1.50 MB)
- Dutch edition (1.54 MB)
- French edition (2.01 MB)
- Japanese edition (13.68 MB). The introduction presentation can be watched here.
- Italian edition (1.57 MB)
- Chinese edition (8 MB)

References and background information
Below a concise overview is provided of key references and background information related to the PUMA Manifesto and the PUMA Project.
* The results of the PUMA project meetings that you can request by e-mail
* The EU Legislation on Packaging and Packaging Waste
* The EU Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive
* The Members-only Environmental Regulations Guide (MERGE)
* The LinkedIn Group Packaging and the Environment
* The ISO standards on packaging and the environment
* The World Packaging Standardisation Newsletter (WPSN)
* The LinkedIn Group Packaging Standardisation
* The Workshop Sustainable Innovation in Packaging (Live Online)
* The principles of self-organisation
* Entropy in relation to chemistry, thermodynamics and information theory
* The interaction between mankind and Planet in the Anthropocene
* The real-time measurements on atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
* The acronym PUMA stands for Packaging Upcyclability Materials Accelerator

For more information, please contact Helen Crowe, +31-(0)182-512411.