PUMA: towards the end of packaging as an environmental issue

Packaging is the activity of temporarily integrating an external function and a product to enable the use of the product. Packaging has been with mankind already since ancient times in some moderate form, but the 20th century has brought a dramatic acceleration. The world 'does it' at least 100,000 times per second - creating a huge environmental issue.

The goal of the NVC PUMA project is to end packaging as an environmental issue. We build on the wealth of experiences we have gathered and the many activities we have developed in the years 1996-2016 and we strive to get the job done in the next decade, so in the years 2017-2026. The name of the project is PUMA: Packaging Upcyclable Materials Accelerator and the official kick-off was 29 March 2017. We invite the members of the NVC to actively participate in project PUMA.

Working Groups
Following-up on the successful PUMA kick-off, three working groups have been formed. PUMA-L addresses the legislative and regulatory framework, PUMA-O addresses the organisational aspects and PUMA-T focuses on the existing and future technologies. In the follow-up meetings we’ll discuss what can contribute to the PUMA goal: what exists, what is upcoming and what should be? The PUMA-L, PUMA-O and PUMA-T working groups meet by web conference, so without the need to travel.

Next project meeting
The next plenary project meeting will take place on 25 March 2020. Due to COVID-19 the meeting will be Live Online.

About the PUMA project:

  • Sharing insights with other NVC members
  • Defining the right common goals
  • Making international standards
  • Exclusively for NVC members or on invitation by NVC

The knowledge developed in the PUMA project is also applied in the NVC E-Workshop Sustainable Innovation in Packaging and the NVC Members-only Environmental Regulations Guide (MERGE).

For more information, please contact Helen Crowe, +31-(0)182-512411.