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Working together to the end of packaging as an environmental issue worldwide


The 6th annual meeting of the PUMA project will take place on Wednesday 16 March 2022. With PUMA, we are working together to end packaging as an environmental problem.

The format is Live Hybrid, with a (limited) number of active participants physically at the Van der Valk Hotel Dordrecht, The Netherlands. You can participate together with other NVC members at the Van der Valk Hotel Dordrecht or you can actively participate live online from any other location.


2-3 PM CET  Plenary meeting #1 – Kick-off

  • The PUMA steps in 2017-2021 by Michael Nieuwesteeg (NVC)
  • Invited speaker perspective by Philippe Blank (Henkel)
    Introduction of the PUMA MANIFESTO Korean edition with special guests Demi Wooi (KraftHeinz), Junmo Kwon (KraftHeinz) and Younjung Choi (Twente University)

3-4 PM CET  Breakout sessions

A. Materials coding for Collect-Control and optimised backend processing

  • Short introduction by the session leader Helen Crowe (NVC)
  • The Food2Food 2.0 project by Han Meiberg (FiliGrade) and Roland ten Klooster (project leader)
  • The HolyGrail 2.0 project by Larry Logan (Digimarc Corporation)
  • Breakout-sessions, Q&A, debate and conclusions

B. Critical factors in scaling up biobased plastic manufacturing for packaging applications

  • Short introduction by the session leader Michael Nieuwesteeg (NVC)
  • PEF as the material of the future in beverage packaging by Bart Langius (Avantium)
  • Novelties in advanced biobased and biodegradable polymers by Martin Doornheim (Total Corbion)
  • History and future of compostable packaging materials by Henk Vooijs (Novamont)
  • Q&A, debate and conclusions

4.15-5.00 PM CET  Plenary meeting #2

  • Summary and highlights breakout session A
  • Summary and highlights breakout session B
  • Q&A, debate and conclusions
  • PUMA project activities 2022-2023

5-6:30 PM CET After-party with walking dinner
After the Thematic Meeting, an after-party with walking dinner is planned at from 5-6:30 PM CET the Van der Valk Hotel Dordrecht. There we will all talk informally about ending packaging as an environmental issue.

The meeting is exclusively accessible for NVC members or on invitation by NVC. There are no costs involved. You are welcome, even if you are not yet part of the PUMA project! For more information, please contact Helen Crowe, +31-(0)182-512411.