World Packaging Standardisation Newsletter WPSN

The World Packaging Standardisation Newsletter (WPSN) keeps you informed about the developments in international packaging standards (ISO, CEN etc).

About WPSN:

In the January 2019 issue:

  • Tamper verification features for medicinal product packaging
  • Analysing print applications using digital technologies - metrics
  • Black point compensation for n-colour ICC profiles
  • Guidelines for unit pricing
  • Plastics: definitions, test specimens and tensile properties
  • Safety of form, fill and seal machines
  • Visual methods for detecting metamerism
  • Migration of cork stoppers and dimensions of cork mouth
  • Plastic containers for parenterals and single-use syringes
  • Accessible design for packaging with a focus on ease of opening
  • Environmental issues in the supply chain





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Helen Crowe