World Packaging Standardisation Guide

In the second half of 2021, NVC will be launching a new World Packaging Standardisation (WPS) Information Service: the World Packaging Standardisation (WPS) Guide. The idea is to help NVC members in accessing the key developments on packaging standards worldwide, quickly, easily and reliably. At the moment we are running a pilot to test the concept and optimise the user interface. You are welcome to join the pilot.

For whom?
The WPS Guide has been developed for professionals that design or engineer packaging (machinery) and for those responsible for the quality of the product and the process.

What is the WPS Guide?
The WPS Guide is a web-based database that gives an overview of international standards relevant for packaging. The standards are categorised and links to summaries and purchasing possibilities are provided. In the database you can also see which standards are under revision and which new standards are being developed. A monthly update with an overview of the changes is part of the service.

Benefits of using the WPS Guide
Keeping track of relevant packaging standards can be very time consuming. The WPS Guide offers you an up-to-date overview of important international packaging standards that you can access anytime and anyplace. Because of the categorisation, you can easily find the standards that are relevant for you.
Alert icons show you when a standard is under revision so that you know that a new version is on its way. New standards under development are also included, giving you an overview of what is upcoming.
By scanning the monthly update, you can also be sure that you have the latest information about the status of the standards that you are interested in and know which new standards that are relevant for you are in the making.

About the WPS Guide

  • Overview international standards relevant for packaging
  • Categorised
  • Icons indicating which standards are new or under revision
  • Links to summaries and purchasing possibilities
  • Accessible anyplace and anytime by adding the hyperlink to your website favourites
  • Monthly update informing you of standards that are new, published or under revision
  • Exclusive for NVC members, free as part of the membership

If you are interested in the WPS Guide, please let me know. At the moment we are running a pilot to test the guide and improve it where necessary. You are welcome to participate. I can be reached via or +31-(0)182-512411.

NVC LinkedIn group Packaging Standardisation

You are welcome to join the NVC LinkedIn group on packaging standardisation.

Helen Crowe