Top 10 disruptive trends changing global packaging market

23 January 2018

According to new research, the global packaging market is set to reach over $1 trillion by 2021. Assuming a global population of 7.50 billion people in 2016, each individual consumes, on average, $115 of packaging per year.
The top 10 disruptive trends that are: 1) Greater connectivity with consumers, 2) Premiumisation via packaging, 3) Improving recyclability, 4) Optimizing packs for ecommerce, 5) Adjusting to dimension weighting, 6) The rise of sustainable materials, 7) Greater customisation of packs for promotional campaigns, 8) Design for optimal instore location, 9) Globalisation and 10) Engaging consumers in anti-counterfeiting (Press Release Smithers Pira, 3 January 2018).
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