Retail and e-commerce - September 2022

04 October 2022

The growth of ecommerce and expectations of the customer
Ecommerce Europe has published a FEVAD report (9.37 MB) with an overview of the French e-commerce sector. The report explores the evolution of the market and consumer habits and gives interesting insights into new consumer trends after two years of pandemic. If the number of French e-shoppers is ever growing, their expectations are changing, notably shifting towards an increasing demand for more “made in France”.
According to research by Klarna (in Dutch), the popularity of online shopping is continuing to rise. The digital transformation was greatly accelerated by the pandemic and then continued at a rapid pace. Compared to a year ago, the share of Dutch shoppers who do most of their shopping online has risen to 30%, an increase of 4%. Especially shoppers from Generation Z (42%) and Millennials (39%) prefer to buy online.

The older consumer of tomorrow and the consequences for the retail
ABN AMRO (in Dutch) has published a report (in Dutch, 3.53 MB) about the older consumer of tomorrow. They spend less and divide their time differently. The further ageing of the population, with about a quarter of the Dutch over 65 years of age in ten years' time, therefore has consequences for entrepreneurs in the retail sector.

Automation in retail fulfilment
Modern Materials Handling has published a Special Digital Issue with several feature stories that encapsulate the automation, software and hardware that are revolutionising how retail fulfilment has been able to keep up with rapid growth. You can download the report after filling in your details.

PET packaging in reuse systems
According to Petcore Europe, PET packaging can in some cases play a role by avoiding the use of material through reuse systems. The organisation has published a report (1.38 MB) to show the potential PET packaging has in terms of reuse and how reuse solutions can complement single-use recyclable packaging in a circular economy of PET in Europe.

Challenges and opportunities of reusable packaging
A report (3.83 MB) by Hubbub, funded by Bunzl, documents the challenges and opportunities associated with reusable food and drink packaging systems and establishes the key characteristics of successful schemes.

Takeaway packaging waste generation in China
Guangdong University of Technology has published a paper (6.1 MB) in the journal Resources, Conservation & Recycling entitled ‘Driving factors and their interactions of takeaway packaging waste generation in China’.

Pay extra shipping costs if environmentally unfriendly delivery is chosen
Research by Wuunder shows that 38% of Dutch people think you should pay extra shipping costs if you choose environmentally unfriendly delivery of your package. You can download the report after filling in your details (in Dutch).

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