Retail and e-commerce - October 2022

01 November 2022

Trends and developments in retail
According to a study by RouteLogic (in Dutch), the popularity of online supermarkets appears to have skyrocketed last year in the Netherlands. In one year, online supermarkets saw the search volume for their delivery services rise by 195%, while the popularity of the physical supermarket fell by almost 50%.
According to Shopping Tomorrow’s (in Dutch) B2B E-commerce Market Monitor (in Dutch, 1.87 MB), 90% of Dutch professional buyers ordered online last year. Online business spending has grown over the past year: by 13% on average and by as much as 47% among large companies (250+ employees). Professional buyers expect that in five years' time, an average of 75% of all business purchases will be made online. In addition, almost half of buyers expect to order more than 90% online in five years' time.

The state of play of e-commerce in Italy
Ecommerce Europe’s Italian member, Netcomm, has released a report (509 kB) on the state of play of e-commerce in the Italian economy. Shoppers in Italy are increasingly enjoying a multichannel experience, with digital commerce becoming ever more popular among Italian consumers. The study provides insightful information on consumer trends for online shopping as well as brick-and-mortar and their complementarity in making the shopping experience for Italian customers more complete.

Marketing shifts to online
Wunderkind has surveyed marketing leaders of B2C brands to get their outlook on the current state of marketing. The report “CMO State of the Union” explores how unique challenges like the pandemic, supply chain issues, and the death of the cookie have forced Chief Marketing Officers to throw out their playbooks and re-assess their priorities. 79% of CMO’s have shifted more of their marketing spend online, only 29% feel this shift will last and nearly 71% are already planning to reduce their online marketing spend in the future. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Unboxing experience of e-commerce packaging
The latest unboxing survey from Macfarlane Packaging indicates that UK consumers are seeing “significant improvements” in e-commerce packaging. They asked customers what they thought of the packaging online retailers have been using and how it can affect their shopping habits. 78% of respondents believe the packaging that retailers are using is eco-friendly and 81% report it is easy to recycle. Nearly 60% of consumers state that their parcels arrived in branded packaging, almost doubling in the last three years. 41% of consumers confirmed that branded packaging encourages them to buy again from the retailer. You can download the survey after filling in your details.

Evolving retail environment creates growth in printed packaging market
According to a report by Smithers, there is a major focus on improving the sustainability of printed packaging that is affecting every aspect of the packaging supply chain. This focus on sustainability and the evolving retail environment are creating growth in the market for printed packaging. The sector is valued at $473.7 billion in 2022 and will develop further to reach $551.3 billion in 2027. You can find more information in a recent article.

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