Retail and e-commerce – June 2024

05 July 2024

Developments in retail
According to the 2023 Postal and Parcel Markets Scan (in Dutch) of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, both the volume as well as the turnover of the Dutch parcel market increased in 2023 by 1.9% and 4.0%, respectively. One striking observation in 2023 was the continued growth in the number of letterbox-sized parcels, an area where postal and parcel delivery overlap. Letterbox-sized parcels qualify as parcels, which are often delivered together with regular postal items because they fit through the letterbox.

Reusable glass packaging in a value chain
On 6 June 2024, Floor Stefess, held a presentation entitled ‘Developing a framework to support the introduction of reusable glass packaging into a value chain‘ as part of her master assignment (47.64 MB) at the University of Twente. Chairman of the assessment committee was prof. Roland ten Klooster who holds the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management.

Efficient traceability strategy
For a report about traceability, Foods Connected surveyed industry professionals across the US and the UK. An efficient traceability strategy can be massively beneficial to a business. It can help identify an allergen issue during a product recall, anticipate and offer up alternative solutions during a supply chain disruption and deliver farm-to-fork transparency that gives consumers faith in a product. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Opportunities for the food industry to cater to shoppers
Insights from FMI demonstrate new opportunities for food industry trading partners to cater to shoppers’ expanding definitions of value. The research, ‘Finding Growth for Food & Beverage at Retail: Winning Eating Occasions throughout the Day’, supports go-to-market strategies and ways in which grocers can attract more shopper relevance regarding needs, experiences, tastes, rewards, health and especially convenience. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Impact of e-commerce on urban last-mile distribution
A study (3.44 MB) by the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi examines the impact of e-commerce on urban last-mile distribution through a comprehensive analysis of scientific studies. Key findings encompass environmental, economic, social, and technological impacts. The study, published in Urban, Planning and Transport Research, contributes to the discussion on freight sustainability by elucidating current trends and outlining future research directions in last-mile e-commerce delivery.

E-commerce market in Italy
Ecommerce Europe reports on a Netcomm-Althesys study focussing on the value that e-commerce creates for Italy. The study shows that e-commerce generated a value of over €133 billion in 2022, equivalent to 7% of the GDP, marking a 13.9% increase from the previous year. Currently, 4.7% of the total turnover of Italian companies is recorded through the e-commerce channel. More information in Italian can be found here.

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