Manufacturing logistics and procurement – June 2024

05 July 2024

Digital manufacturing and the rise of automation
CRB has published its latest Horizons report. The report focuses on digital manufacturing and the rise of automation, control systems and data analytics as producers seek new efficiencies in a dynamic, highly competitive environment. 37% of respondents identify themselves as early adopters of Industry 4.0, boasting technology integrations and predictive, real-time analytics in their plants. More than a fifth of respondents, however, say they are grappling with digital islands and disconnected pockets of automation, underscoring concerns over the cost and complexity of keeping pace with rapid digital transformation. You can download the report after filling in your details.
According to CBS, three quarters of Dutch business owners report that they are taking steps to increase the productivity of their business. The steps they mention most often are investing in technology and automation and making processes more efficient. Lack of staff is the main obstacle to increasing productivity, according to the respondents.

Research on supply chains
Gartner has released the results from its annual Global Supply Chain Top 25, identifying leading supply chain organisations, highlighting trends and sharing best practices. Schneider Electric retained the top position in the list this year, followed in second place by Cisco Systems. Colgate-Palmolive, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson complete the top five positions. You can download the report after filling in your details.
Blue Yonder has released the findings of its annual Supply Chain Executives Survey. 84% of respondents worldwide report ongoing and significant supply chain disruptions — including shortages of materials, labour and transportation capacity. The survey also shows that inflation is driving up supply chain costs, including the price of transportation, materials, labour and inventory. You can read the report online after filling in your details.

Emerging technologies and breakthrough innovations to support the EU
JRC has published its Eyes on the Future report (4.87 MB) about emerging technologies and breakthrough innovations to support European Innovation Council (EIC) strategic intelligence. The report provides a literature review of publications authored by numerous external organisations. It summarises 34 signals and trends of emerging technologies and breakthrough innovations across the 11 primary categories of a taxonomy defined by the EIC.

How to optimise a CPG portfolio
According to L.E.K. consulting, CPG manufacturers are currently facing a raft of macroeconomic challenges: consumer elasticity has returned, concerns about operations as well as labour persist, and manufacturing and portfolio complexity is compounding the effects of both. But by optimising their SKU assortment and in the process, optimising both their packaging and procurement, CPG companies can relieve margin pressure, improve operational efficiency and reduce labour concerns to drive profitable growth.

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