Manufacturing logistics and procurement – June 2022

01 July 2022

Marketing logistics in reaching organisational excellence
Isra University has published a paper (1.17 MB) entitled ‘Marketing logistics in reaching organizational excellence: mediating role of the European foundation for quality management excellence model (EFQM)’. The study examines the influence of marketing logistics dimensions (such as customer profiling, goods distribution, transportation, packaging & information, customer service, and reverse logistics) on organisational efforts in order to reach organisational excellence through the mediating influence of the EFQM excellence model.

Challenges and opportunities for the technology industry towards 2030
ING (in Dutch) has published an article on the challenges and opportunities for the technology industry in the Netherlands towards 2030. It shows that labour shortages will continue to rise in the coming years and therefore better use of digital technology is necessary to keep productivity growth high. Three things should therefore be high on the agenda of every manufacturer: more and better trained skilled workers, more intensive cooperation in the chain and full investment in R&D.

The state of robotics
Modern Materials Handling has published an article on their survey about the state of robotics. In their survey the they note three important takeaways: Adoption: the market is still split on the value from robotics. Labour: Those using robots, or interested in using robots, aren’t looking to replace labour. They are instead looking to make the most of their existing labour by augmenting processes. Value: A significant percentage of end users who have made the leap to adopt robotics are realising their business case objectives, meeting their ROI goals and looking for ways to expand the use of robots into other areas of their operations.

Designing a customised robotic hand with tactile sensors
MIT researchers have created an interactive design pipeline that streamlines and simplifies the process of crafting a customised robotic hand with tactile sensors. Typically, a robotics expert may spend months manually designing a custom manipulator, largely through trial-and-error. Each iteration could require new parts that must be designed and tested from scratch. By contrast, this new pipeline doesn’t require any manual assembly or specialised knowledge.

Supply Chain Top 25
Gartner has published its Supply Chain Top 25, in which organisations are combating “The Great Resignation”, delivering on sustainability objectives, continuing along a digital transformation journey and working through myriad supply chain challenges. Innovative and strategic actions are vital. The ranking highlights companies that are taking these actions and showcasing other differentiating capabilities. You can download the report after filling in your details.

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