NL Food waste monitor 2009-2016

30 August 2018

The Food Waste Update Monitor 2009 - 2016 shows a food waste in the Netherlands of 105-145 kg per person in 2016. The report shows the extent of food waste in the Netherlands on the basis of waste processing, animal feed production, consumer waste, primary production and renewable energy.
The residual flow is broken down according to the destinations of food bank, animal feed, fermentation, composting, incineration and landfill/discharge. The destinations of animal feed up to and including landfill/discharge are considered food waste. The residual flows are also split into avoidable (i.e. edible) and potentially avoidable (no by-product, edible but not remaining in the food chain) flows.
Click here for the letter sent to the Dutch House of Representatives about the report (in Dutch).
Click here for the report (in Dutch, 119 kB).
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