Nationwide newspaper special on packaging & environment

04 April 2018

A nationwide special by Media Planet was distributed in the Netherlands in combination with the Financieele Dagblad (the Dutch Financial Times) with 185,000 circulation on 29 March 2018, addressing packaging and environment. Topics included were materials recycling, returnable transport items, corrugated boxes and e-commerce.
In particular the ground-breaking PUMA project is highlighted, aiming to end packaging as an environmental issue worldwide in the decade 2017-2026. PUMA addresses frontend, collect-control and backend technologies as well as a traffic light system to identify environmental problems. PUMA also proposes to stop using the adjective ‘virgin’ for packaging materials.
Click here to read the newspaper special (in Dutch).
Click here for more information about the NVC Project PUMA: the end of packaging as an environmental issue.

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