Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour - November 2019

09 December 2019

Drivers shaping consumer markets
A recent report by Mintel, that you can download after filling in your details, identifies 7 drivers that will shape consumer markets over the next decade.

Colour choices and digital printing
According to research by James Cropper, designers cite as the five most important factors impacting the colour choices made for brand identity and packaging: Personalisation, Brexit and the Trump era, the Unboxing trend, Sustainability and the Gender debate. The report will be sent to you after filling in your details.
According to new research from Smithers, digital systems will become increasingly important across the global print marketplace through the 2020s. You can read more in a recent article.

Foodservice packaging
The 11th annual Trends Report from the Foodservice Packaging Institute reveals that industry opinions are largely focused on sustainable packaging and customisation of products to meet consumer demand. You can download an executive summary (336 kB). Smithers has published a new report that assesses the top 20 sustainable technologies and technology solutions in the foodservice packaging sector. You can read more in a recent article.

Global Competitiveness Report, beauty companies and EU plastic facts
PlasticsEurope has published Plastics – the Facts 2019 (4.69 MB), an analysis of plastics production, demand and waste data in the EU.
L’Oréal is the number one in Beauty Packaging’s Top 20 list of global beauty companies.
Singapore is the world’s most competitive economy according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2019 (8.56 MB) published by the World Economic Forum (WEF). NL ranks 4th.

NL: food industry, graphic industry and export data
In 2018, NL consumers spent approximately 60 billion euros on food and drink in the retail trade and food service sector, an increase of 2.5% compared to 2017, according to WUR's (in Dutch) annual Food Economic Report (in Dutch). FNLI's (in Dutch) annual Monitor 2019 (in Dutch, 3.09 MB) shows that the NL food industry is continuing to develop steadily.
GOC's (in Dutch) annual report (in Dutch, 600 kB) on the NL graphics industry shows that the total volume of graphic paper supplied to the domestic market decreased in 2018. Only the volume of paper and board for the packaging printers continued to grow.
According to a new report (3.69 MB) by CBS, the Netherlands earns the most from machinery and machine parts in terms of export.

Consumers and sustainability
Research commissioned by Descartes (in Dutch) shows that 70% of Flemish consumers believe that a quality mark should be introduced for products that have undergone a sustainable logistics process. The results are shown in an infographic (in Dutch). A GfK survey reveals that plastic waste is one of the three major environmental concerns for over 53% of EU consumers. You can download a summary report after filling in your details. A US survey by Toluna finds that more than a third of respondents feel it is very likely that concerns about environmentally friendly packaging will continue to grow over the next year. The results are shown in an infographic (487 kB). WRAP has published its latest UK Retail Survey (1.59 MB). The results reveal progress in the stores to help cut household food waste, but there is more to be done concerning date labels, product life, pack size and storage advice.

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