Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour – August 2022

09 September 2022

Global packaging market
ALL4PACK Emballage Paris will take place from 21-24 November 2022. Ahead of the show, the organisation has conducted a survey (728 kB) among packaging suppliers and users to gauge their vision of the future of packaging materials.
According to Smithers, the track-and-trace packaging market will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +9.5% through to 2027, yielding a total value of $2.5 billion in that year. You can find more information in a recent article and you can download an infographic after filling in your details.
Smithers has also published a whitepaper exploring the post-pandemic packaging market and identifying what has changed temporarily and what has changed forever. You can download the whitepaper after filling in your details.

Regional markets for packaging and packaging machines
According to Cepi, EU paper and board consumption increased by 5.8% and production increased by 6.1% in 2021 compared to 2020. More statistics can be found here (3 MB).
According to new figures published by FEVE (308 kB), in 2021 the EU production of glass packaging for food and beverage increased by 5.0% compared to 2020 figures.
K 2022 will take place from 19 to 26 October 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany. In the run-up to the exhibition the organisation is publishing a number of trend reports. Recently a trend report was published about North America’s plastics industry.
PMMI has published a report with the title Mexico’s Packaging Machinery Market Trends and Forecast 2022-2023. You can download an executive summary after filling in your e-mail address.

Packaging and consumer behaviour
In the report ‘2022 Global Packaging Trends’ Mintel experts discuss what consumers will want from packaging in the coming years, and why. You can download the report after filling in your details.
University of Sterling research published (573 kB) in the Journal for Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, highlights the significant impact that alcohol packaging has on capturing the attention of, and creating appeal amongst, young people.
On 26 July 2022, Zoë Menting held a speech entitled “Optimising bottle and cap design of a top-down squeeze bottle in terms of usability and sustainability” as part of her master assignment at the University of Twente. Chairman of the assessment committee was prof. Roland ten Klooster who holds the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management.

Avoiding food waste
Use-by and best-by dates printed on milk packaging may soon become a thing of the past, giving way to more accurate and informative QR codes. A new Cornell study finds that consumers embrace the use of these QR codes to depict how long milk is drinkable.
According to a report (17.88 MB) by Capgemini, consumer consciousness around food waste has more than doubled in the past two years; they want organisations to do more in areas such as packaging and clarity of date labels.

Prices for plastics
Dutch trade magazine Vraag en Aanbod publishes a weekly overview of the prices for plastics (in Dutch). The prices given are estimated averages between the gross prices published in the trade journals and the net prices.

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