Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour - August 2019

05 September 2019

Packaging shaping the future
For the 40th anniversary of FachPack, a special edition of “Zukunftsmacher Verpackung” (Packaging shaping the future) has been produced. It contains industry articles on the trends that are setting the course for the future. You can read the publication online (in German).

Markets for personalized packaging, biopolymers, EU paper/board
In an intelligence brief, PreScouter explores the current state of personalized/custom packaging through examples of commercially available products as well as campaigns run by different companies. You can download the brief after filling in your details. In a recent article, Smithers Pira identifies key trends driving the biopolymer industry today. A new report (3.11 MB) shows that in 2018, CEPI members produced 92.2 million tons of paper and board, keeping the same level of production as in 2017, and benefiting from a healthy economic environment. For the first time since 1990s, the sector opened 9 new mills and created 2,000 more jobs with a total increased turnover of +3%.

Packaging machinery market in Italy and Germany
UCIMA has announced that the Italian packaging machinery industry is seeing steady growth, closing 2018 with total revenue of 7.85 billion euros, 9.4% up on the previous year. More statistics can be found here (773 kB). According to the VDMA, the production of German food processing and packaging machinery rose by 8% in 2018, the highest growth rate in the current decade.

Consumer behaviour
In an article (532 kB) published in the Indian Journal of Research, researchers from the Utkal University Of Culture look at the role of packaging in consumer's buying behavior. For her thesis (1.23 MB) at Wichita State University, Kaitlin Miller explored how consumers respond to packaging and design elements of milk. In a recent whitepaper, Trace One explores the changing nature of consumer behavior. A look back is taken over the last decade of change, 2018 is specifically analyzed and consumer behavior trends of the future are discussed. You can download the whitepaper after filling in your details.

Consumers and packaging waste
Researchers at Penn State have found that when consumers are reminded of the products that their recyclables can be turned into, they are more likely to recycle. More than half of consumers said they would pay more for sustainable products designed to be reused or recycled, according to results of a survey from Accenture. Plastic was perceived to be the least environmentally friendly type of packaging (77%), with paper products perceived to be the most environmentally friendly (55%). A new report (423 kB) by Zero Waste Scotland reveals how Scots are unknowingly spending hundreds of millions of pounds on single-use packaging.

Consumers and product information/claims
A new study (1.21 MB) by NSF International shows that 61% of Americans are concerned about the products they put in, on and around their bodies. However, 34% say they rarely or never research product claims. The continued growth of sustainable products labelled with a quality mark in the NL supermarkets has led to a doubling of the turnover in 4 years. This is shown by the Retail Quality Mark Monitor (in Dutch, 985 kB) of research agency IRI (in Dutch). According to the ruling (in Dutch, 821 kB) of the NL Advertising Code Committee (RCC) in a case brought by (in Dutch), the environmental claims of Stone Paper are misleading. These include claims relating to recycling, deforestation and CO2 emissions.

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