Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour - April 2019

25 April 2019

Trends in packaging
Mintel has announced 4 trends impacting the global packaging industry in 2019 and beyond: 1) Connected Packaging; 2) Closing the Loop; 3) Reinventing the Box and 4) Plastic-Free. You can download the report after filling in your details.
In collaboration with Verpakken (in Dutch), Now New Next has published a trend report on Horecava as a digital booklet (in Dutch). The report also pays attention to packaging.

98% of the Dutch population has difficulty opening packaging
Research (in Dutch, 748 kB) by ANBO (in Dutch) and ReumaNederland shows that 98% of the survey participants has difficulty opening packaging, of which almost 40% even daily. 55% of the interviewees even got injured when they opened a packaging with a device that was not intended for that purpose.

NL: Highest growth of top 100 premium brands in 10 years
According to the Brands Top 100 that IRI Nederland (in Dutch) draws up annually for Foodmagazine, the 100 largest premium brands in the NL supermarket sector showed a turnover increase of 2.9%. This is the highest increase in the past ten years. However, growth was slightly lower than the overall supermarket growth of 3.5%.

Purchasing: Influence of cartoon characters, health claims and ethical labels
Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder found that children are more likely to pick foods branded with licensed characters when choosing between similar products. If the choice is between carrots or cookies, however, cartoon characters did not trump children’s taste buds. The research (468 kB) is published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. Child-focused marketing techniques have long been an advertising staple. The use of health and nutrition claims for particular foodstuffs is a more recent trend, researchers from the University of Glasgow note. They found that health claims made on the product packaging for a large proportion of foods marketed to children in the UK are "confusing". You can read a summary of the research in Archives of Disease in Childhood. More and more products carry ethical labels such as fair-trade or organic, which consumers usually view positively. Nevertheless, sales figures often remain low. Researchers from the University of G√∂ttingen have investigated to what extent factors which affect consumers’ own benefit - such as the so-called “warm glow” - influence consumers' purchasing intentions. The “warm glow” is the personal benefit that people feel when they do good. You can read a summary of the research in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Consumer perspectives on sustainability and waste
The Flexible Packaging Association FPA (716 kB) has commissioned a study to better understand perspectives on sustainability and packaging among both consumers and brand owners. A publicly available eBook (1.98 MB) highlights key take-aways from the study. According to a Dutch Waste Industry Association (Vereniging Afvalbedrijven) announcement (in Dutch), Dutch consumers have a great willingness to separate waste, but it is not always clear which waste should be discarded where.
A look at the future of the family
A new global Euromonitor report shows that single-person households will record 128% growth in 2000-2030, while the total number of household heads aged 60+ will reach 807 million by 2030. The average number of children per home is set to decline and the global population is aging rapidly. The report will be sent to you by e-mail after you fill in your details.
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