HRM and skills development – May 2024

04 June 2024

Drivers of employee fulfilment and retention identified, workplace uncertainty grows
LHH, a global business unit of the Adecco Group, has unveiled its findings from the fourth edition of the annual global study: Global Workforce of the Future Report 2024. The report examines the world of work through the lens of 30,000 workers from 23 countries and 25 industries, spanning entry-level workers to senior executives. This year’s survey sought to identify global workforce readiness for digitalisation and worker sentiments around job security and expectations for the future. The report includes recommendations to future-proof the workforce and spur the passive talent pool into action. You can download the report after filling in your details.

AI to fuel skills shortage unless companies act now, says new Adecco report
More than half of companies surveyed in some of the world’s leading economies plan to recruit new talent to cope with the mass adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than retrain existing workers. This leads to a rush for digital skills, according to Leading Through the Great Disruption (3.31 MB), a survey of 2,000 leaders across nine countries, conducted by the Adecco Group.

CEOs race towards GenAI adoption, cultural attitudes may lead to different approach
A new study by the IBM Institute for Business Value found that surveyed CEOs are facing workforce, culture and governance challenges as they act quickly to implement and scale generative AI across their organisations. The annual global study (2.65 MB) of 3,000 CEOs from over 30 countries and 26 industries found that 64% of those surveyed say succeeding with GenAI will depend more on people's adoption than the technology itself. However, 61% of respondents say they are pushing their organisation to adopt GenAI more quickly than some people are comfortable with.

“Skills not jobs” will be key, states new study addressing AI
Emerging technologies will disrupt entire industries while creating new opportunities for people with the right skills. Research by ServiceNow and Pearson predicts how labour markets will evolve as AI gets to work. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Will GenAI help or hinder women in the workplace?
A recent survey by Cognizant shows that women are more wary than men when it comes to GenAI and (their) jobs. A closer look reveals the data behind the heightened concern—and ways to safeguard women from the negative impacts of GenAI. The occupations in which women tend to predominate will, in fact, be more greatly disrupted by generative AI, if not eliminated altogether.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn releases the 2024 Work Trend Index, promotes GenAI
Microsoft Corp. (owner of LinkedIn) has released their 2024 Work Trend Index (1.82 MB), promoting GenAI as billions of investment have been spent on the area by the company already. The research shows how, just one year in, AI is influencing the way people work, lead and hire around the world. Not surprisingly, Microsoft also announced new capabilities in their GenAI copilot for Microsoft 365, whereas LinkedIn released fifty AI-related learning courses for LinkedIn premium subscribers.

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