HRM and skills development - May 2019

29 May 2019

The 5 most popular packaging industry careers
Designer, engineer, buyer, packer-sorter-shipper, compliance manager: these are the five most popular packaging industry careers in 2019 according to Packaging Gateway. Less hot but still cool are consumer behaviour analysts, packaging operators and food scientists.
Progress EU Qualifications Framework EQF since 2017 revision
Cedefop’s latest European inventory on National Qualifications Frameworks NQFs gives an overview of the frameworks’ progress since the revision in 2017 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). View the latest European inventory on NQFs here. In April 2019, 35 European countries had formally linked their NQFs to the EQF and 30 countries indicate EQF/NQF levels in new qualification documents and/or Europass supplements.
Action needed for people to meet challenges of changing world of work
Governments need to overhaul their approach to employment and jobs to reduce further social and economic tensions, according to a new report from the OECD. Without rapid action, many people, particularly the low skilled, will be left behind in the fast-changing world of work. You can read the report online.

Old and lazy on the work floor…?
Older employees are looking forward to an increasingly longer career. Investing in lifelong learning is in their own interest and that of their employers. Training participation of Dutch employees, however, decreases with increasing age. This is partly due to the declining motivation of older employees. But companies also usually invest less in employees from 45 years. Age discrimination may play a role: employers expect less results from older employees and see a slower return on their investment. This is apparent from a Netspar analysis in which the researchers provide insight into the extent to which employers and older employees are willing to invest in human capital. You can download the report (in Dutch, 538 kB) here.

What does the ideal employer look like in your country?
The Randstad Employer Brand Research provides localised insights into worker's drivers and motivators in 32 countries. You can download the reports of each of these countries.
Hiring external or investing in existing staff?
Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They’ve never spent as much money doing it. And they’ve never done a worse job of it. This is the conclusion from a study by Peter Cappelli, the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at the Wharton School and a director of its Center for Human Resources. An extensive article (11.9 MB) on the topic is published in the Harvard Business Review.

PMMI in 5th annual conference on packaging workforce development (USA)
Adding to an impressive line-up of speakers, it was announced this month that Stephen Girard, Senior Director of Education & Workforce Development at PMMI, will share his insights at the upcoming 5th Annual conference on HRM and skills development in packaging (FBEP2019), Wednesday 10 July 2019 in Boston Ma. USA. Other speakers include Sriman Banerjee (GSK), John Hill (TechStars), professor Ross Lee (Villanova University), Laura Studwell (Omron Automation), Matt Reynolds (PackagingWorld), Todd Bukowski (PTIS) and Oscar Faber (NVC). Programme and registration here.

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