HRM and skills development – June 2024

05 July 2024

Number of NVC Packaging Professionals worldwide rises to 768
The total number of qualified NVC Packaging Professionals has risen to 768 worldwide, as 21 candidates successfully completed the Exams that were organised over the past year (respectively on 19 January 2024 and 26 April 2024). The exams take place under supervision of the independent Business Exam Authority (in Dutch) and are EQF5-referenced. You can view all on the website of the independent exam organisation.

The race to deploy AI and raise skills in Europe and the US
To gain the full productivity benefits of generative AI and other technologies, Europe and the United States will need to focus both on improving human capital and accelerating technology adoption. These conclusions are drawn by McKinsey in their updated modelling of the future of work. Demand for workers in STEM-related, healthcare, and other high-skill professions would rise, while demand for occupations such as office workers, production workers, and customer service representatives would decline. You can download the report after filling in your details.

PwC 2024 Global AI Jobs Barometer shows 25% wage premium AI-skilled workers
PwC has analysed over half a billion job ads from 15 countries. Their report (3.41 MB) finds that for every job posting requiring AI specialist skills (i.e., machine learning) in 2012, there are now seven job postings. The research also finds that growth in these jobs has outpaced all jobs since 2016, with postings for jobs requiring AI skills growing 3.5x faster than for all jobs. Strikingly, jobs that require AI skills carry up to a 25% average wage premium in some markets.

Gen Z generation and Millenials values on life and work analysed
Deloitte’s 2024 Gen Z and Millennial Survey connected with nearly 23,000 respondents across 44 countries, examining the evolving circumstances shaping the workplace and the societal experiences of these generations globally. This year’s survey (4.55 MB) spotlights two generations who are grappling with financial insecurity, high stress levels, and mounting climate anxiety. They are also considering how rapidly evolving technology, like GenAI, will impact their jobs and their longer-term career decisions. But they see reasons for optimism and they continue to push for the changes they want to see, in the workplace and society more broadly.

Executive urgency to incorporate AI is outpacing its use among employees
Using AI tools at work is associated with a host of positive outcomes, from improved productivity to higher employee satisfaction. But executive urgency to incorporate AI is outpacing its use among employees. A new global survey (2.01 MB) of desk workers from Slack, finds that two-thirds have still not tried AI tools and 93% do not consider AI outputs completely trustworthy for work-related tasks.

41% of LGBTQI+ workers face discrimination – how to turn the tide?
In the world of work, organisations have taken significant strides toward creating more inclusive workplaces in the past decades. However, new data from Randstad’s Workmonitor Pulse Survey show that just under half (49%) of LGBTQI+ workers feel comfortable discussing their sexuality or gender identity at work, while more than a quarter (28%) avoid it altogether.

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