EU project CEFLEX - Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging

16 February 2017

Following the completion of the EU FIACE project, which highlighted the significant contribution flexible packaging makes to a circular economy and identified opportunities to optimize end of life solutions, it has been announced that the project will continue with a wider scope under the new name of CEFLEX (a Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging).
One major insight from the FIACE project is that flexible packaging is potentially recyclable and should be collected in more countries. These conclusions were mirrored by those of the UK REFLEX project. Participants of both initiatives have now joined forces in the CEFLEX project (Press Release FPE, January 2017).
Click here for the press release (347 kB).
Click here for more information about the new NVC Project PUMA: the end of packaging as an environmental issue (kick-off on 29 March 2017).

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