IATA line thickness requirements for hazard labels to be deleted

01 May 2018

From 1 January 2019 the ICAO Technical Instructions no longer sets requirements for the thickness of the lines for hazard labels. This decision was made by the UN TDG Subcommittee and the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel on the basis that there was no safety basis for this level of specificity.
The requirement for the 2 mm minimum thickness line will be deleted from the regulations with effect 1 January 2019. IATA has published a guideline stating that during the acceptance check of dangerous goods any variation in thickness of the line should be treated as minor variation in accordance with Note 2 under IATA DGR (Gevaarlijke Lading, 10 April 2018).
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Click here for the IATA Guidance Document - Specification of Hazard Labels (55 kB).

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