Effects of packaging materials on quality of peanut kernels

20 March 2018

In order to obtain optimum packaging materials for peanut kernels, researchers at the Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China examined the effects of four types of packaging materials on storage quality. The peanut kernels were placed in bags made from: a) highly permeable woven bags, b) polyethylene (PE) pouches, c) polyamide/polyethylene (PA/PE) pouches and d) polyester/aluminum/polyamide/polyethylene (PET/AL/PA/PE) pouches. They found that, compared to woven and PE film bags, PA/PE and PET/AL/PA/PE bags can inhibit oxidative discoloration, prevent pest contamination and control aflatoxin production. An article about the research is published in PLOS ONE.
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