Five major technology advances in UV/EB curing print market

22 February 2018

Print produced using radiation curing (UV and electron beam) inks and varnishes in 2017 totalled roughly 1.38 trillion A4 prints, a value of $63.4 billion. The market is growing at around 2-3% annually in tonnage terms. Users are taking advantage of instant drying to improve their production efficiencies and exploit both decorative and functional properties of the inks and coatings.
Smithers Pira identifies five key developments in ink and varnish formulation and curing technologies that are underpinning this expansion: 1) Low-energy UV Curing, 2) UV LED Curing, 3) Electron beam curing, 4) Low migration inks and coating and 5) Hybrid inks (Press Release Smithers Pira, 17 January 2018).
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