Future of international business education in packaging LIVE on stage at ALL4PACK Paris

14 September 2016

On Monday 14 November 2016 packaging exhibition ALL4PACK Paris will stage a unique debate sharing the latest insights on the future of the international business education in packaging. The 3:30-4:10 PM scheduled programme* will be presented on the TV-Stage and will be rebroadcasted on YouTube via ALL4PACK’s WebTV.

NVC will be moderating the debate, commencing with the results of the 2nd European Conference on the Future of Business Education in Packaging (FBEP2016) that took place 21 April 2016 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Leading businesses and suppliers of international business education in packaging shared their insights at FBEP2016.
Philippe Roulet (Nestlé) spoke about how Nestlé works on continuously educating and training employees in a large range of packaging jobs.
Dr. Kempers-Warmerdam of the Netherlands Business Exam Authority showed baffling examples of diploma fraud in education programmes.
In the afternoon, three different Round Table Discussions took place, addressing the most urgent education and training topics in the industry.
FBEP2017 will take place on 20 April 2017.


All4Pack and NVC invite professionals in HR Development, Packaging Development and related positions in business to participate during, before or after the debate at ALL4PACK. The ALL4PACK visitors are encouraged to share their ideas, experiences (positive or negative) and insights both at the exhibition floor and in the ALL4PACK LinkedIn group on the internet.

The questions that raise the most interest will be brought 'to the stage' either by the moderator of the debate (NVC director Michael Nieuwesteeg) or by inviting the one who has posed the question to actually join the debate him/herself. The language used during the ALL4PACK debate will be 'charcoal-English': adequate for business education in packaging but not really the English you would need to write a truly Award Winning novel...

Meet the NVC-team at ALL4PACK
For all other issues you might be interested in, an NVC team will be present at ALL4PACK on 14 and 15 November 2016, so don't hesitate to contact the NVC office if you would like to meet them at the exhibition during those days.
NVC members can visit the exhibition and the TV-Stage with a free entrance ticket. Just contact NVC for the registration link and your free entrance code.

* As the exact time may change somewhat, please note the signs at the exhibition when visiting ALL4PACK on 14 November 2016.

More information
For more information please contact Michael Nieuwesteeg, m.nieuwesteeg@nvc.nl  +31-(0)182-512411.
Ask for a high-resolution picture via info@nvc.nl.