Packaging concept from agar wins Lexus Design Award 2016

29 April 2016

AGAR PLASTICITY has been named the Grand Prix winner of the Lexus Design Award 2016. AGAR PLASTICITY is a project exploring how agar, a gelatinous material obtained from marine algae, can be used as an environmentally friendly packaging material alternative to plastic.
The theme for 2016 was Anticipation. The selection was made based on presentations by the four prototype finalists at Milan Design Week 2016. The Lexus Design Award is an annual international design competition targeting up-and-coming creators from around the world whose work contributes to shaping a better future. This year's award drew 1,232 submissions from 73 countries (Press Release Lexus, 11 April 2016).
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Click here for more information about the Award Ceremony of Packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot 2016 (24 November 2016).

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