Successful meeting 10 year NVC Chair Packaging Design

31 May 2016

On 26 May 2016 we celebrated that on 1 May 2006 the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management was founded. Among the participants were graduates and the scientific staff of the Chair, business representatives, and the students who participated in the annual European study trip of MSU School of Packaging with professor Donatien Pascal Kamdem. Ger Standhardt kicked-off with a presentation about the ‘dream’ of the chair as a bridge between business and academia. Professor Ten Klooster shared his experiences of the past 10 years, and Gertjan Hartholt of MSD gave a presentation from the business perspective. The speakers and professor Kamdem gave their view on the future in the panel debate.
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Click here for the presentation of Ger Standhardt (1.85 MB).
Click here for the presentation of professor Ten Klooster (4.52 MB).

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