Retail and e-commerce - November 2022

01 December 2022

Developments in retail
According to CBS (in Dutch), 74% of Dutch people aged 12 or older said they bought something online in 2022. This is less than a year earlier when 77% bought something online. Sales of digital products and services remained the same or showed growth compared to 2021, while fewer physical goods were ordered online. Deloitte (in Dutch) has published a report (in Dutch, 14.81 MB) charting developments in consumer behaviour in Dutch supermarkets. One of the most striking results is that the share of online in the total sales of supermarkets decreased in 2022 compared to 2021. Nevertheless, the number of consumers shopping online continues to grow in 2022 (2022: 20.5%, 2021: 19.4%).
An article (1.75 MB) by the Democritus University of Thrace, entitled ‘Views of Food Stakeholders on Packaging Factors’, has been published in the International Journal of Food Studies.

Reusable packaging
Rethink Plastic has published a report (11.67 MB) entitled ‘A Just Transition to Reusable Packaging: Necessary conditions, benefits and best practice’. The report looks beyond the environmental benefits of reuse and explores the potential socio-economic benefits, with a focus on the grocery retail and horeca (hotel, restaurant, café) sectors.
McKinsey has published an article on reusable packaging. The concept is gathering renewed momentum as sustainability pressures grow. They describe four enablers which could help leaders overcome current barriers and scale beyond the niche.
Closed Loop Partners has published a report which shares insights to guide retailers on effective reusable bag models, a key solution as regulations to reduce reliance on single-use plastic bags grow across the U.S. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Last-mile delivery
The Chicago City Council has given approval to allow a Personal Delivery Device (PDD) pilot program to operate. Under the pilot program, PDD companies will partner with local food establishments as a courier service to deliver food orders to customers using small robots traveling on sidewalks and in crosswalks.
The University of Toronto has used its campus as a living laboratory to study sustainable, 'last-mile' package deliveries.

Consumer habits in online retail
Ecommerce Europe reports that the Chamber of Digital Economy has published the Sustainable e-Commerce Report 2022 (1.85 MB). For 67% of online shoppers, it is important that an online store is a socially responsible business and that it develops in an environmentally sustainable way.
Dotcom has published a survey which identifies trends and patterns in purchase behaviour, omnichannel, packaging, shipping, returns and sustainability, also taking a deeper look at beauty and luxury consumers. What it ultimately reveals is how exactly online shoppers are behaving as they rebound from the pandemic amid strained supply chains. You can download the report after filling in your details.
DHL has published a survey to get a better understanding on online shopping habits. The study provides insights into which channels Europeans prefer to shop through, what is important to them in the presentation of the products and the structure of the online shop, and how they would like to pay. Delivery plays a significant role in different aspects: sustainability is becoming increasingly important, while the reliability of the delivery provider takes centre stage.

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