Retail and e-commerce - May 2020

29 May 2020

Developments and Covid-19 in retail
A report (230 kB) by ABN AMRO expects a 5% decline in consumer spending this year in a scenario in which the intelligent 'lockdown' lasts two months and is then phased out. According to another report (in Dutch, 241 kB) by ABN AMRO (in Dutch), the Dutch government's restrictive measures for the 1.5-metre society will have an enormous impact on the economy and on social life. In yet another report (in Dutch, 312 kB), ABN AMRO (in Dutch) also predicts that the drop in demand from the hospitality industry will contrast sharply with the sharp increase in products sold through the supermarket channel.
Nielsen has published a survey about the shopping habits of consumers from 29 countries across Europe who were asked how long they think the Covid-19 crisis will last.
IRI is continuing to collaborate with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to analyse the latest consumer purchase trends in Italy, France, U.S., Germany, Netherlands, Greece, New Zealand and U.K. They have updated the report (1.9 MB) ‘Consumer Spending Tracker: COVID-19 Impact’ to capture the most recent insights. Another report IRI and BCG published is ‘U.S. CPG Growth Leaders: Who they are and why they win’.
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the Dutch retail sector achieved 3.5% year-on-year turnover growth in March 2020. The volume of sales increased by 2%. Turnover was up in the food sector, but down in the non-food sector. Furthermore, online sales increased by almost 29%.

Packaging during Covid-19
FPF reports that UPSTREAM has published a factsheet (2.5 MB) answering frequently asked questions on the safety of reusable products such as packaging and food service ware; UPSTREAM emphasises that single-use products are not safer than reusable ones; food safety regulations ensure proper cleaning and sanitation of reusable products.
A new white paper by Euromonitor ‘COVID-19’s Effect on Packaged Food’, looks at the impact of Covid-19 on home eating, snacks, dairy products and global supply chains, as well as the trends that will prevail beyond 2021. You can download the white paper after filling in your details.

Customer experience and e-commerce
New research conducted by Amcor reveals the differences in European consumer attitudes to buying grocery products online. The report indicates that consumers are relying much more heavily on e-shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic, although this trend was detectable before the crisis. You can download the report after filling in your details.
McKinsey has published an article about improving consumer omnichannel experience with a product data standard.
RetailX has launched the France 2020 Ecommerce Country Report. You can download the summary after filling in your details.

Sustainability in private label
IPLC has published the report ‘The Race Towards Sustainable Private Label: Carrot, Stick or Collaboration?’ about how retailers in Europe address sustainability with in their private label products. You can download the report after filling in your details.

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