Retail and e-commerce – March 2024

09 April 2024

Developments in retail
Amid high inflation, CPG consumers have increasingly shifted to private brands (also referred to as store brands or private labels). A report (3.79 MB) by Circana provides an update on the store brand landscape in the U.S., so you can identify opportunities to increase demand for your own brand and private brand offerings. In 2023, private brand dollar sales increased 6% and unit sales increased 0.9%. Private label sales were higher across food and beverage (6.7%) compared to nonedible products (5.1%).
According to Ecommerce Europe, the France e-commerce sector (products and services combined) generated €159.9 billion in revenues in 2023, growing by 10.5% over the previous year (€144.7 billion). The number of transactions continued to rise (+4.9%), along with the average basket value (+5.4%). However, sales of products and services are trending in different directions.

Understanding the next decade of change of the consumer industry
In a recent report (6.0 MB), Deloitte identifies six forces that are critical to understanding the next decade of change of the consumer industry:

  • The changing consumer, becoming more diverse and transforming across multiple dimensions;
  • An evolving society and culture, with consumers breaking free of traditional anchors;
  • Exponential xTech, with advancements in infotech and a broad set of technologies, including biotech and material science, that will make progress of the past decade pale by comparison;
  • Radical industry upheaval, with the dynamics shaping the industry increasing in pace and intensity;
  • Extreme climate change and its economic impact, which will put pressure on the consumer industry to transform itself;
  • Shifting economics, policy, and power that are taking a hard pivot, becoming increasingly uncertain, and requiring a more flexible approach to management.

The impact of customer experience on retail success
Internet Retailing has investigated the impact of customer experience on retail success and how commercetech can deliver the ultimate user expierience. In a white paper they look at how today’s martech and adtech are no longer enough, how retailers need to leverage all the data they have to better target marketing and how you can learn and refine constantly to match changing demands and to iterate ever closer to individually personalised marketing. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Consumer perception towards sustainable packaging in e-commerce industry
Ethiraj College for Women has published a study (231 kB) in the Quing: International Journal of Commerce and Management, entitled; ‘Consumer perception towards sustainable packaging in e-commerce industry: a factor analytic approach’. By analysing consumer perceptions of sustainable packaging, this study will help e-commerce companies understand the factors that affect their customers' decision-making processes when it comes to eco-friendly packaging. As a result, e-commerce companies can take steps to adopt sustainable packaging practices that align with consumer preferences, reduce their environmental footprint, and promote their brand's commitment to sustainability.

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