Retail and e-commerce - June 2020

29 June 2020

Developments in retail
RetailX has launched 2020 Ecommerce Country Reports for Spain and Germany. You can download the summaries after filling in your details.
Euromonitor has published the white paper ‘Top 100 Retailers in Asia 2020’. The white paper lists the top 100 retailers, showcasing the region's innovation within the industry and exploring what sets this market apart. You can download the white paper after filling in your details.

Retail and packaging
Smithers has published a report entitled ‘The Impact of E-Commerce on Packaging: Long-term Forecasts to 2029’. According to the report, double-digit growth in e-commerce is creating explosive e-commerce packaging market growth. Now worth $35 billion, e-commerce has averaged just over 20% growth over the last few years driven by market leaders such as Amazon, and Alibaba. You can read more in a recently published article.
L.E.K. Consulting has published Executive Insights about how COVID-19 has upended the operations of companies around the globe, and within packaging. In addition to disrupting company operations in the near term, COVID-19 is expected to create a series of “new normals” within packaging in the medium to long term.

Impact of COVID-19 in retail
Ecommerce Europe has published the results of its second study (6.8 MB) on the impact of corona on e-commerce. This shows that most European countries have embarked on an exit strategy, that most online retailers still experience challenges with their supply chain and that most respondents are satisfied with the actions of their governments.
Nielsen has published an article about recalibrated consumption dynamics in a COVID-19 altered world. Nielsen has also identified three distinct time horizons for global market regeneration beyond COVID-19 and outlined the conditions for businesses to Rebound, Reboot or Reinvent as they confront potentially unprecedented recessionary conditions.

Consumer behaviour
Euromonitor has published a white paper entitled ‘Health By Generation: Understanding Healthy Lifestyles and Behaviours’. You can download the white paper after filling in your details. (Dutch) reports that according a survey among its members, the number of online orders has reached a new peak. Consumers are giving themselves extra gifts as a reward for staying at home and the good behaviour of the past weeks. In addition, many products are purchased to make staying at home more pleasant.

Sustainability and consumer purchasing behaviour
The annual Retail Buying Study by IPG Mediabrands (in Dutch) shows that sustainability is an important subject for Dutch consumers. Consumers have started to buy less sustainably during the corona crisis. But despite this, they still prefer to buy from shops that consider sustainability important and communicate about it.

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