Retail and e-commerce – February 2024

05 March 2024

Developments in retail
According to a report (in Dutch, 589 kB) by ABN AMRO (in Dutch), despite a slight recovery in purchasing power, 2024 will be another challenging year for Dutch retailers. Retailers are suffering from declining demand and fickle consumers, as well as increased costs of personnel, energy, purchasing and rent. In addition, many have yet to repay their corona debts. In the retail landscape, the online channel remains important and second-hand is here to stay.
L.E.K. Consulting has published a report (1.56 MB) about the shopping behaviour and preferences of Gen Z. The report, while focusing on Gen Z, is built on a rich foundation of data that also spans the preferences and habits of millennials and boomers.

Reusable packaging for a Circular Economy
A report by Closed Loop Partners seeks to understand customer attitudes, preferences and behaviours around reusable and refillable packaging solutions to help companies, cities and other key stakeholders navigate the current reuse landscape. To effectively address the global plastics waste challenge, widespread adoption of reuse systems is needed. Understanding customer preferences is crucial for implementing successful solutions. You can download the report after filling in your details.
Partners for Innovation (in Dutch) has conducted research (in Dutch, 1.22 MB) on the opportunities for reusable packaging. Which reusable packaging has opportunities in a circular economy? Does a possible Green Deal on reuse and refill packaging make sense?

E-commerce packaging
Deloitte has published an article about why and how packaging waste should and can be reduced in e-commerce fulfilment centres. The growth of the global e-commerce packaging market and the need for more sustainable packaging are urging e-commerce companies to make considerable changes.
Ecommerce Europe has published a Manifesto (2.0 MB) for the upcoming European Parliament elections of June 2024, setting forth a vision for the retail of the future and the future of retail. In the last five years, the e-commerce sector has largely proven its potential to serve the goals of the EU Single Market. From allowing businesses to go digital and expand across borders, to avoiding irreversible disruptions for companies and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector has contributed to the overall resilience of the EU. According to the Manifesto, in the next five years, the digital commerce sector has the possibility to be the driving force behind a fairer and more competitive, sustainable and digital economy.

Pilot to increase efficiency, transparency and sustainability in the logistics sector
GS1 Netherlands (in Dutch) and Stack&Track are launching a pilot to increase efficiency, transparency and sustainability in the (international) logistics sector. Companies will collaborate by using GS1 Netherlands' GLN register for locations within Stack&Track's digital platform. This will allow companies to identify and manage packaging material flows (RTIs) based on receiving and shipping locations.

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