Retail and e-commerce – April 2023

01 May 2023

Developments in retail
The ‘Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor’ by (in Dutch) shows that Dutch consumers spent €33.3 billion online in 2022, a growth of 9% compared to 2021. This increase in spending is remarkable, since the number of purchases actually decreased by 5% to 347 million. The average amount spent online per purchase has thus increased by 15%.
According to a report (in Dutch, 2.81 MB) by Wunder (in Dutch), seven in ten Dutch consumers are going to shop online at least as much this year as in 2022. However, they do seem to be more conscious of their spending. For example, half of the consumers are doing more price comparisons than last year.

Impact of inflationary pressures and changing consumer behaviours
Metapack has published a report that explores the impact of inflationary pressures and changing consumer behaviours over the year ahead, including quantifying the impact on specific retail markets. The report shows how opportunities and challenges vary by region, sector, and individual shopper cohorts. You can download the report after filling in your details.
As the cost of living continues to rise globally, consumers have drastically adjusted their spending behaviours, with the majority (53%) of global consumers “holding back” on non-essential spending. Fifteen per cent of consumers have stopped non-essential spending altogether, according to a survey by PwC.

Potential impact of reusable packaging
McKinsey has published an article about the potential impact of reusable packaging. This article aims to further the dialogue on packaging choice and broaden the available fact base related to reusable versus single-use packaging. Regulatory requirements on packaging sustainability and demand from consumers have sparked renewed interest in reusability solutions across the packaging value chain.

E-commerce challenges
Trunkrs has published a report that highlights the challenges of web shops. Rising costs, reliability and sustainability are themes that clearly emerge as challenges for now, but also for the future. You can download the report (in Dutch) after filling in your details.

Trends in digital printing
Packaging Gateway has published a new issue of Inside Packaging that focuses on the trends in digital printing. It looks at the advancements being made in digital printing technologies to aid the wider packaging sector.

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