Manufacturing logistics and procurement – September 2023

03 October 2023

Logistical packaging developments
A study (1.11 MB) by Politeknik Ungku Omar researchers about sustainable packaging solutions for automotive product transfer has been published in the Jurnal Kejuruteraan.
A study (677 kB) by Universidad Nacional de Colombia researchers entitled: ‘Comparison of mathematical models in reverse logistics: case of pesticide containers and packaging’ has been published in the journal DYNA.
A study (1.49 MB) by University of Jordan researchers about a DEA efficiency assessment of packaging lines in the pharmaceutical industry has been published in Engineering Letters. This research can guide decision-makers to the appropriate actions that reduce inefficiency scores and enhance lines’ performance.

Digital twins and packaging processing optimalisation
According to a Gartner survey, 27% of chief supply chain officers plan to implement a digital twin of the customer.
FPA and PMMI have published a report (5.87 MB) about transitioning flexible materials. The report is intended to be used by brand manufacturers as a guide to ensure that the process in packaging operations is efficient and successful.
PMMI has released the newly approved American National Standard on the Safety of Packaging and Processing Machinery, ANSI/PMMI B155.1-2023. This new edition marks a comprehensive overhaul of the standard, introducing critical changes that prioritise user safety and industry advancements.

Digitalisation and generative AI
Many businesses face strategic questions about the possibilities of generative AI. A recent report (2.76 MB) by L.E.K. Consulting outlines what businesses need to know to navigate the challenges and opportunities of generative AI.
Smithers has published a whitepaper about how generative AI will transform packaging by 2030. It focusses on dynamic design, analysing performance and usage, supply chain optimisation and enhanced R&D. You can download the whitepaper after filling in your details.
According to CBS (in Dutch), nearly 71% of Dutch companies undertook digitisation initiatives in the past year. Higher productivity and efficiency gains are the most frequently mentioned reasons for further digitisation. More than half of these companies did not encounter obstacles such as too high costs or a lack of expert staff in this respect.
ING (in Dutch) has published the second part of their analysis on digitalisation opportunities and challenges in the Dutch manufacturing supply chain. In this part, they explore the barriers and how manufacturers can overcome them.

The Pallet Report: State of the US pallet industry
The US market developments in the use of pallets are analysed in the annual Pallet Report by Modern Materials Handling and Peerless Research Group (PRG). The report reveals the types and sizes of pallets that companies are using, mechanisms used to secure the loads on the pallets and the broader role pallets are playing in global supply chains.

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