Manufacturing logistics and procurement – October 2023

31 October 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
A recent report by DHL identifies AI-driven computer vision as a trend that will become an integral part of standard operations in logistics over the next five years. The report illustrates how computer vision is applied across diverse sectors like retail, healthcare and manufacturing, and highlights its versatility within the logistics industry. You can download the report after filling in your details.
ABN AMRO (in Dutch) has conducted research (in Dutch, 2.26 MB) on how Dutch retailers view AI, in which AI applications they see potential and are already using and what challenges they see in doing so. The report shows that AI is expected to become very valuable in estimating consumer buying behaviour and making product recommendations, among other things.

Automation of packaging structure recognition
The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has published a doctoral thesis (21.28 MB) about fully-automated packaging structure recognition of standardised logistics assets. Within a logistics supply chain, a large variety of transported goods need to be handled, recognised and checked at many different network points. Often, a huge manual effort is required for recognising or verifying packet identity or packaging structure. The researchers investigate the design and implementation of an algorithm for the complete automation of packaging structure recognition.

Industry 4.0 and supply chain security
Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed federated learning methods without sensitive data and company secrets having to be shared. In this way, autonomous picking robots can be trained to reliably pick articles they have never seen before.
A recent report by Deloitte examines the opportunity for manufacturers to leverage next-gen technology by entering the industrial metaverse and its immersive three-dimensional virtual environments to spearhead ongoing transformation and improve operational efficiencies.
According to Deloitte almost half of executives expect supply chain security challenges in the year ahead. 33.8% of respondents say their organisations experienced one or more supply chain cybersecurity events during the past year.

Strategic optimisation of the flushing operations in packaging facilities
The American Chemical Society has published a study (4.68 MB) in ACS Omega, entitled ‘Strategic Optimization of the Flushing Operations in Lubricant Manufacturing and Packaging Facilities’.

Robotic arm prototype for a streamlined small-scale chocolate packaging process
International University of Ecuador UIDE has published a study (773 kB) in Engineering Proceedings, entitled; ‘Design and Implementation of a Robotic Arm Prototype for a Streamlined Small Chocolate Packaging Process’. The study highlights the importance and potential of automation in the food packaging industry, by improving productivity, reducing human error, and ensuring packaging quality.

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