Manufacturing logistics and procurement – May 2023

30 May 2023

Supply chain developments
ING (in Dutch) has published an article (in Dutch, 723 kB) on the digitisation of industrial production chains. In the article they present their analysis of digitisation opportunities and challenges in the manufacturing supply chain. The productivity potential of digital chain technology and the pros and cons for manufacturing companies are discussed, as well as the digital state of the art.
PwC’s bi-annual Global Crisis and Resilience Survey (2.46 MB) reveals that organisations and business leaders overestimate their resilience despite operating in an age of disruption. Data provides insights into how business leaders are preparing for and responding to this new world.
A survey (6.16 MB) published by Cleo indicates that improved supply chain and organisational agility results from investment in ecosystem integration technologies, which executives confirm benefit revenue growth, but also impact their companies in myriad positive ways.

Packaging automation and skilled work force
A state of smart manufacturing study (4.73 MB) published by Rockwell Automation shows that more than 44% of European manufacturers struggle to outpace competitors due to lack of a skilled workforce.
Packsize has published a report about automated packaging. E-commerce and fast delivery have become the norm across many industries. Automating repetitive tasks in packaging lines is essential to staying competitive and keeping up with the volume of customer orders. You can download the report after filling in your details.
Researchers of the University of Cambridge have designed a low-cost, energy-efficient robotic hand that can grasp a range of objects using just the movement of its wrist and the feeling in its ‘skin’.

Packaging testing and standards
Sapienza Università Di Roma has published a paper (3.45 MB) in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology entitled; ‘Evaluation of wave configurations in corrugated boards by experimental analysis (EA) and finite element modeling (FEM): the role of the micro-wave in packaging design’.
CEN/CENELEC reports that the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (DKE) of DIN and VDE have published the English version (18.79 MB) of the German Standardization Roadmap on AI.

The future of packaging and processing
PMMI has published a report, which helps to identify upcoming investment plans and projects, key issues driving or inhibiting planned machinery investments, operational priorities, top supplier selection attributes and the primary reasons why some of the companies have selected packaging or processing suppliers outside of North America for their lines. Another PMMI report discusses why standards are important to machinery builders, what core standards are relevant to packaging and processing, how to determine what standard(s) to follow, and what is currently happening with standards. A third PMMI report, about the future of packaging and processing, demonstrates trends towards sustainability, automation and digitalisation, in particular predictive maintenance. You can download the reports after filling in your details.
According to a report (13.8 MB) by the European Environment Agency, digital technologies offer opportunities to mitigate the environmental impacts of Europe’s mobility sector, these gains depend on how digital solutions are deployed and how they affect overall transport demand.

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