Manufacturing logistics and procurement – January 2023

02 February 2023

Supply chain challenges
The University of Buraimi has published a paper (5.1 MB) in the journal Applied System Innovation entitled ‘Significance of Sustainable Packaging: A Case-Study from a Supply Chain Perspective’.
Hubs has published its Supply Chain Resilience Report 2023, featuring insights from 2022 and addressing recent supply chain disruptions. Around 44% of respondents think that increasing local sourcing will help strengthen supply chains in 2023. You can download the report after filling in your details.
The University of Graz has published a paper (1.3 MB) in the journal Technological Forecasting & Social Change entitled ‘Circular plastics packaging – Prioritizing resources and capabilities along the supply chain’.

Technology trends to influence logistics
Deloitte has published a report (24.4 MB) detailing how technology leaders are using lessons from the past to build tech-forward, future-friendly strategies, today. This year, trust is emerging as the central element across all 2023 trends, as enterprises increasingly recognise that business outcomes are limited less by technological capability, and more by the comfort and confidence in adoption and impact.
DHL has published a report about trends that will help shape the direction of businesses, societies, and technologies for the global logistics community in the next decade. Of those, decarbonisation, robots, big data, supply chain diversification, and alternative energy solutions will have the biggest impact in transforming logistics.

State of AI
Deloitte has published its fifth edition of the ‘State of AI in the Enterprise’ survey (16.6 MB), which provides organisations with a roadmap to navigate lagging AI outcomes. It is clear despite rapid advancement in the AI market that organisations are struggling to turn implementation into scalable transformation.
Researchers at MIT have made significant steps toward creating robots that could practically and economically assemble nearly anything, including things much larger than themselves, from vehicles to buildings to larger robots.
Omron has published a white paper that explores the evolution of traceability and explains why the latest phase, Traceability 4.0, is not just about tracking products throughout the supply chain but also optimising productivity, quality and brand reputation within the manufacturing operation by tying product to process parameters. You can download the white paper after filling in your details.
A new CEN and CENELEC Workshop Agreement will provide the basis for the establishment of a European federated smart factory ecosystem that will facilitate the exchange of innovation and information across a wide array of stakeholders.

Multi-objective scheduling in vegetable processing and packaging
The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati has published a paper (9.2 MB) in the journal Food and Bioproducts Processing entitled ‘Multi-objective scheduling in the vegetable processing and packaging facility using metaheuristic based framework’.

Controlling surgical instrument packaging defects
West China Second University Hospital has published a paper (1.5 MB) in Scientific Reports about the application of a healthcare failure mode and effect analysis in controlling surgical instrument packaging defects.

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