Manufacturing logistics and procurement – February 2024

05 March 2024

Developments in supply chain management
A report (8.58 MB) by Deloitte offers insights into how leading companies are strategically propelling innovation to shape the future and catalyse change in the coming years - even in the face of challenging market conditions.
In a whitepaper, PMMI explores how end-users are choosing which remote services to use and which services they are investing in for the future, what barriers are preventing end-users from adopting some remote services over others, and how remote services can address skills gaps in the workforce. You can download the report after filling in your details.

AI and generative AI (GenAI)
According to new McKinsey research, companies with strong digital and AI capabilities have figured out how to generate compounding value. You can download the report after filling in your details.
A report (in Dutch, 2.79 MB) by ABN AMRO (in Dutch) explores various sustainable applications of generative AI (GenAI) based on the investments in startups and scale-ups active in GenAI. For example, these applications are already being firmly embraced in the field of business reporting and climate risk and climate impact analysis.
According a survey (16.38 MB) by Deloitte the expectations for GenAI remain high, but many are feeling pressure to quickly realise value while managing risks.

Robots - new developments
MIT research shows that multiple AI models help robots execute complex plans more transparently. A multimodal system uses models trained on language, vision, and action data to help robots develop and execute plans for household, construction, and manufacturing tasks.
The BruBotics team (Human Robotics Research Center) at imec-VUB has developed a revolutionary self-locking and self-repairing suction cup that is much more durable than those currently used in industry.

Risk assessment for the distribution of temperature-sensitive products
The ISTA Pharma Committee and Shipping & Distribution Risk Assessment Working Group have published a white paper to provide an overview for developing a Shipping and Distribution Risk Assessment (RA) for the distribution of temperature-sensitive product shipments. You can download the report after filling in your details.

Logistics research
A Hacettepe University study (646 kB) entitled; ‘Improved Chain-based Multi-Output Classification for Packaging Planning’ has been published in Procedia Computer Science.
A Poznan University of Life Sciences study (7.7 MB) entitled; ‘Estimation of the Compressive Strength of Cardboard Boxes Including Packaging Overhanging on the Pallet’ has been published in Applied Sciences.
A Jinan University study (1.77 MB) entitled; ‘Analysis of Vibration Transmission Path in Packaging System and Design of Teaching Experiment’ has been published in Shock and Vibration.

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