Manufacturing logistics and procurement – August 2020

08 September 2020

Changes in logistics due to Covid-19 - into the “new normal”
DHL has published a white paper (10 MB) envisioning possible changes in supply chains following the current pandemic. Based on real cases, the paper outlines possible scenarios for how the logistics industry could move to a new normal.
Supply Chain Magazine (in Dutch) states, based on a survey of Dutch supply chain directors and managers, that pandemics such as Covid-19 have a lasting impact on business strategy and innovations. Differences in innovation per business strategy are also starting to emerge.
Riskmethods has published a white paper entitled ‘Achieving Supply Chain Continuity - A framework for coronavirus crisis recovery and greater risk awareness’. You can download the white paper after filling in your details.
A Gartner survey of 260 global supply chain leaders found that 33% had moved sourcing and manufacturing activities out of China or plan to do so in the next two to three years. The survey results show that the Covid-19 pandemic is only one of several disruptions that have put global supply chains under pressure. Gartner has also released the results from its annual Supply Chain Top 25, identifying supply chain leaders and highlighting their best practices. The report can be downloaded after filling in your details.

Predictive maintenance, AI and blockchain
Research by Axians among 211 managers of manufacturing and industrial companies shows that almost half of them (47%) are well acquainted with the possibilities of predictive maintenance. The interest in the subject is high, in practice, however, it only is done on a limited scale. The report can be downloaded after filling in your details (in Dutch).
Deloitte's third edition of the 'State of AI in the Enterprise' survey (1.3 MB) shows how organisations adopt, benefit, and manage AI technologies. Investments in AI by companies in the Netherlands lag behind compared to investments in AI internationally. Another Deloitte report (966 kB) reveals a compelling evolution of blockchain from an experimental, disruptive technology to a true strategic priority for organisations. 39% of global respondents have already incorporated blockchain into production, a significant increase from 23% last year.
WUR will be investing heavily in data sciences and artificial intelligence over the next 5 years with the recruitment of 3 additional professors, 6 part-time experts and a research coordinator.

Future-proof logistic chains
A consortium of 36 partners has launched the ePIcenter project on future-proof logistic chains. Under the coordination of Port of Antwerp, the partners will join forces to provide hands on solutions that turn global supply chain challenges caused by increasing length, complexity and vulnerability into opportunities.
Chalmers University of Technology has published a master thesis (2.2 MB) entitled ‘Green supply chain practices for a consumer health business in the UK market.’

New standards for Internet of Things
The ISO group of experts who create standards for the Internet of Things and related technologies, recently published three new standards that will help to realise the potential of the IoT; ISO/IEC 21823-2, ISO/IEC TR 30164 and ISO/IEC TR 30166.

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