NL: Progress packaging agreement and results pilot beverage cartons presented to House of Representatives

03 February 2014

On 30 December 2013 state secretary Mansveld of Infrastructure and Environment sent a letter to the Dutch House of Representatives presenting an overview of the progress so far concerning the Packaging Agreement 2013-2022 (Raamovereenkomst). According to state secretary Mansveld the parties involved are on schedule.
The results of the pilot for separate collection and recycling of beverage cartons were also presented. During the period May-October 2013 37 municipalities collected beverage cartons using 4 different systems: separate collection (either bring or fetch), collection together with plastic, collection together with paper and recovery from municipal solid-waste.
Click here for the letter (38 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for progress on the packaging agreement (67 kB, in Dutch).
Click here for the results of the pilot beverage cartons (2.6 MB, in Dutch).

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